Hotel Galleano Andora

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The horizon is a long blue line that runs from Cape Mimosa to Cape Mele, to mark the wide gulf on which Andora lies.

Bagni Galleano welcomes you with the sea, sun, soft breezes and fine sand; the beach is reserved for guests staying at the Hotel Galleano  and the Hotel Al Mare.

Use of the beach is free for full board or half board guests, and is equipped with all the amenities and services you may need: our lifeguards, on call from 8.30 a.m. to 7 p.m., guarantee safety for bathing and assistance for those on the beach.

The area is divided into various zones so as to guarantee relaxation and tranquillity or fun and games for the more “active” guests, according to taste: there is a playground for younger children, an open space for bowling tournaments and water sports activities are offered together with snacks or refreshments according to a schedule organised by Management.

The gentle slope of the sea, from the waterline up to the buoys, allows children and elderly people to walk in the water (on sand, not on the stones) to play or cool off, for several metres before the water level rises.

At sunset, after a glorious day at the beach, you will return with the sun on your skin, the blue of the sea and the yellow of the sun in your eyes, and a smile in your heart.