Hotel Galleano Andora

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History is one of the hotel and family Galleano’s strenghts. Indeed, it is a history of passion and costancy, of dreams and sacrifices. It is a history starting at the beginning of last century through three generations, whose aim has been tourism accommodation.

The young Pietro Francesco Galleano (1888 – 1975) left for Argentina when he was 17 years old on January 1905 on board of the ship “Ravenna”. For an extraordinary and sad combination of events, today the ship lays down right at the bottom of the Gulf of Andora, where it sank in 1917 after being torpedoed by an Austrian-German submarine. Pietro Francesco had been working for 6 years as attendant in a restaurant in Buenos Aires and once he came back from the Americas he bought a little house in Molino Nuovo, in the Andoran hinterland. Soon, that little house was turned into a inn, with the help of his wife Agostina. Nearby, there was a horse shelter, both for the horses of the guests at the inn and for those used by Pietro for the buggy and the carriage to transport people and the correspondence for the royal postal service. This was the beginning of the story of car rental business, which the Galleano family (before with Pietro Francesco, then with his son Angelo and finally with his grandson Pietro) has experienced alongside tourist accommodation.

The first property concession of a section of sand was made in 1948. The inn’s guests enjoyed free transport until the beach of Andorra, which in these years still hosted important shipyards and was bordered by peach orchards.

Then, in 1955 Angelo Galleano decided to part from the family business and to open an hotel on his own, helped (since 1959) by his wife Flavia, who always supported his work.

The Hotel Galleano has maintained, essentially, the same structure he was given in 1955. The important changes were done internally to adapt it to the legislative rules and to suit the guests’s taste, but thanks to the Galleano family’s care particular pieces of furniture have been kept.

During the 1980s, the Galleano family built another infrastructure, the Hotel Al Mare. The two hotels offer the same facilities and the same familiar and careful way of conceiving hospitality.

Both the hotels keep the tradition of providing a free beach access (Bagni Galleano) to the guests receiving full pension or half board.

Today, the two hotels and the Bagni Galleano represent one of the most important realities in the Andoran accommodation scene.