Hotel Galleano Andora

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Food is one of the strenghts of the Hotel Galleano. The food service inside the hotel was already present at the opening of the building, in 1955.

Products were provided almost exclusively by the local farmers and fishermen, according to a farm-to-table philosophy of supply ahead of one’s time. The Galleano Family still adopts buying, whenever it is possible, seasonal products in the Andora valley.

The chef, Pasquale Chiapparino, has been working hard for years with passion, competence and great mastery. He made available his own experience looking after and improving the skill of two young and valuable chef’s assistants.

The cooking team is tight-knit and well-established and offers local typical plates together with those of the National tradition. In specific themed nights, you have the opportunity to know the surprising and enjoyable culinary traditions of the different Italian regions.

However, the guests can always choose the menus, which are all prepared following the philosophy of simplicity and good taste. Products for celiacs and for intolerants are always made available, both at breakfast and during the main meals: it is enought to inform of the problems and the specific need during the reservation.

The needs of the yougest guests are satisfied with particular attention: menus for children and possible variations (for the plates and for lunchtime) guarantee to the families the flexibility they need to enjoy their holidays. Entertainers are ready to entertain those children that don’t like be sitting at the table longtime.

The waiters’s team is professional and politely familiar and the wine list provides a stimulating offer.