Hotel Galleano Andora

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In 1955 Angelo Galleano inaugurated the Hotel Galleano, with the 1st and 2nd floor open to guests; the 3rd floor was completed the following year. Angelo was originally a truck driver, but also followed in family tradition: his father, Pietro Francesco (1888 – 1975) returned from the “Americas” (where he had lived for 6 years, working as a waiter in a restaurant in Buenos Aires) and bought a small house in Molino Nuovo, in the hinterland just outside Andora.

It was 1910, and the house was soon transformed into a guesthouse and restaurant. There was also a stables nearby where guests could leave their horses and where Pietro kept the horse and carriage he used to ferry guests back and forth from the guesthouse: this marked the beginning of the Galleano family’s transportation business (first with Pietro Francesco, then his son Angelo and finally his grandson Pietro) which was run alongside their tourist accommodation activities.

In 1955, Angelo Galleano decided to go it alone and opened his own hotel, together by his wife Flavia (from the year 1959), who has always supported his work.

The Hotel Galleano has continued to preserve, more or less, the same original structure seen in 1955: significant improvements were implemented indoors in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations, and also meet the changing needs of its guests. The beach area was opened in the 60s (the first beach license dates back to 1948), for the exclusive use of hotel guests. In the 80s, the Galleano family built another facility,  Hotel Al Mare, where both Hotels are similar as regards the services offered and the homely and attentive hospitality and reception their guests receive.

Today, the two Galleano and Al Mare Hotels are one of the most important tourist facilities on the Andora coast.